Massage Services

At Integrative Arts we take massage into the realm of bodywork and rehabilitation. A massage is always nice, but our therapists offer more than the traditional relaxation or even therapeutic massage. We incorporate your goals with a holistic approach for true whole-body wellness.

Massage techniques can include:

  • Bowen Technique
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Cupping
  • Myofascial Release
  • Manual lymphatic drainage,
  • Thai Massage
  • Tui Na Massage
  • Russian Massage
  • Somato-emotional Release

Pricing for Massage Services in Portland and LaCenter

  • $120 for an hour massage.
  • $180 for 1.5 hour session
  • Package Discount: $500 for five 1 hour sessions
Chronic Pain
Deep Tissue Masage

Chronic Pain can rob you of your life. We have many therapeutic tools that will alleviate your suffering and help you live your fullest possible life. We start with a strong foundation in intuition and bring extensive knowledge in multiple modalities that are scientifically proven to provide improved medical outcomes. These modalities include: Bowen, myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage, cranial sacral therapy, Tui Na, and somato-emotional release. We then work closely with your other health and wellness practitioners to ensure a cohesive treatment plan.

Gary performing cupping on a patient

Cupping is an ancient Chinese healing art. Its methodology is very simple. Glass or plastic cups are used in a state of vacuum to gently pull the skin and underlying connective tissue. Although the technique itself is simple, the therapeutic applications are complicated and nuanced. In massage therapy, it is used as a form of manual therapy. It acts to gently pull and separate stuck connective tissue. It is highly effective for individuals with old injuries or athletes who have over-trained and have stuck fascial adhesions. Many of our clients find relief with cupping that they have been unable to find with any other modalities.

Medical Massage
Medical Muscle Diagram

Medical massage is the application of specific treatments targeted to the unique problems presented by the patient. The medical massage therapist administers massage after a thorough assessment and evaluation. This process ensures that the therapy can target specific outcomes tailored to the individual patient. Medical massage is often prescribed by your doctor and may be billed to your medical or auto insurance.

Sports Massage
Gary Lifting Man's Leg

Individuals who ask a lot of their bodies need massage techniques that will keep them at the top of their game.  We blend manual therapy, Thai massage, Russian massage, and Tui Na in a unique style that helps to balance and restore an athlete’s body. This approach boosts both the training and the recovering phases.

Our therapists have worked extensively with all types of athletes, from serious “hobbyists” who play as hard as they work, to semi-professional and professional athletes.  We have experience with athletes from all fields including: running, tennis, soccer, climbing, baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, golf, swimming, gymnastics, and yoga.  We also work with outdoor enthusiasts, martial artists, and personal trainers.

Thai Massage
Gary Stretching a Back

As its name suggests, Thai massage comes from Thailand and has a rich cultural and therapeutic history. Thai massage originated over 2,500 years ago, and it continues to be as important in modern day Thai culture as it was historically. Not only does it play an integral part in the modern tourism industry, but it is also at the heart of the Thai medical system, both as a preventative measure and rehabilitative treatment.

In general, one can describe Thai massage as passive manual therapy or passive yoga. The practitioner warms the muscles by pressing and kneading and then adds range of motion and stretching within the client’s limits. Thai Massage can be used on anyone, regardless of age or health.  As a well trained and highly experienced Thai therapist, Gary can apply the movements selectively or modify them to suit each client’s needs and physical condition.

Thai massage really stands out as a massage modality for individuals with chronic pain or athletes who ask a lot of their bodies. For both types of people, Thai massage excels at bringing balance to the entire body, lengthening muscles and separating stuck muscle groups.

Trauma Recovery
Gary massaging a woman's necck

Traumatic life experiences can leave scars that are difficult to see but are nonetheless stored in the body.  Massage therapy offered in a safe and nurturing environment is an integral part of recovering from these traumatic events.

Massage therapy is often prescribed by mental health counselors and primary care physicians as part of the wellness plan of those recovering from trauma, sexual abuse, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). At Integrative Arts we work with you and your referring provider to establish a holistic treatment plan.

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