As its name suggests, Thai massage comes from Thailand and has a rich cultural and therapeutic history. Thai massage originated over 2,500 years ago, and it continues to be as important in modern day Thai culture as it was historically. Not only does it play an integral part in the modern tourism industry, but it is also at the heart of the Thai medical system, both as a preventative measure and rehabilitative treatment.

In general, one can describe Thai massage as passive manual therapy or passive yoga. The practitioner warms the muscles by pressing and kneading and then adds range of motion and stretching within the client’s limits. Thai Massage can be used on anyone, regardless of age or health.  As a well trained and highly experienced Thai therapist, Gary can apply the movements selectively or modify them to suit each client’s needs and physical condition.

Thai massage really stands out as a massage modality for individuals with chronic pain or athletes who ask a lot of their bodies. For both types of people, Thai massage excels at bringing balance to the entire body, lengthening muscles and separating stuck muscle groups.